A Few Odd Courses to Choose From

There was once a time when colleges were the place to go to get more in-depth into the knowledge of science, mathematics, history, and art. But nowadays, you can take just about everything and anything out there, offering just a little more than a waste of time and money. Many courses are just pain odd, while others border on the lines of bizarrity.

Take this list of college courses for example:

  • Maledicta. Harvard University. “male” is Latin for bad and “dicta” (where we get the word “dictionary) is Latin for “language”. Put the two together and you’ve got a course about cursing and swearing. And I mean in every way imaginable.
  • Politicizing Beyonce. Rutgers Univeristy. Learn about the political significance of Beyonce, because her career says a lot more about her than the songs she writes about — as in, her troubled love life.
  • The History of Surfing. University of North Carolina Wilmington. It’s not like you could just look this kind of information up, right? I mean, what’s the internet for?
  • Music of Frank Zappa. Indiana University. Many of you may have never even heard of the man, but apparently, his music was good enough to get a college course named after him.
  • SmartPhone Photography. Portland Community College. Because not everyone can afford a real camera. If you ever wanted to know how to take pictures with your phone, this would be the course to take.
  • Zombies. George Mason University. Yes, zombies. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about zombies and even explore the notion of free will while you’re at it.

Some may argue that college isn’t so much a place to learn, but a place to think. A place to be inspired and push beyond our limitations. A place to be innovative and bring something new to the world. But does all this necessarily have to come from an academic institution? I mean, I’m sure these courses are enlightening to an extent, and breed a good environment of thought too, but are they worth the money that colleges hustle out of us every semester?