Are We Getting Our Money’s Worth Out of College?

The prices for admission into college is constantly rising, but does that mean that the quality of education is rising as well? A study had been done, assessing students on their academic skills before and after college, and it turned out that their performance only went up by one point. Why is that?

The problem lies in the focus of colleges. Many universities put more attention in the way their campus looks, competing with other colleges for the average 17-year old student, instead of putting those resources into improving the quality of their degree programs. The fact that we have this enormous push to get everyone into college doesn’t help matters much either, because it really only gives colleges all the more reason to raise their prices up even more.

Besides, academic quality isn’t really what’s holding colleges back. Many Americans feel as though colleges don’t do a very good job at preparing students for the economy of the workforce either. People are expected to have good communication and critical thinking skills, which many students coming out of college seem to lack.

So are we really getting as much out of college as we’re putting into it? I’m going to let your wallet answer that one.