College Does Not Equal Success

I know that I’ve said this time and time again (like many of the other things that I’ve said over and over), but college isn’t for everyone. I know that that’s still a big shocker to many people, but you really don’t need to go to college to be successful in life. If anything, college needs you more than you need college; they need your money, your good grades. All you really want is a piece of paper that says that you’re qualified to do something and colleges are more than happy to give that to you if you give them what they want.

Now if you were to look past my berating remarks, you’ll understand that I’m not saying that I’m against learning. To says that college is the sole embodiment of learning and success is a mistake and millions of students are going to college solely based on this belief. Matt Walsh sums this up pretty nicely on his blog, saying that he himself wasn’t college material and is thankful that he decided to take those years that he would have wasted in a 4-year institution to hone in on his skills instead and become a successful writer.

Of course, you’ll need a degree if you wish to become something like a doctor or an engineer, but the number of students needing these degrees are relatively low. I mean, why on earth would anyone need a degree in creative writing?

Many students go to college with little direction and little aspiration. Many of them end up spending their years casually flipping through degrees, searching for that one that they find the most interesting. Not only is this a waste of money, it’s a waste of potential. They really only go to college because they’re told they have to, they need to. They won’t amount to anything otherwise.

A college education may bring about success, but it does not equal success. It’s a lie that needs to stop because far too many students are walking out of college with a useless degree and tens of thousands of dollars in debt hanging over their heads.