College Enrollment Costs Are Going Down?

Before, I’ve mentioned that tuition costs are on the rise. It then comes as a big surprise that when perusing the web,  you find an article that says otherwise. Everyone knows that going to college is expensive. It’s an investment you make for your career, so costs are something that should be considered before making your decision.

So what is this about about college expenses decreasing? Many colleges are planning on offering tuition discounts to students. According to The Economic Times, many of these colleges are very small and have a very low course enrollment rate. As an added incentive, these colleges are lowering tuition through scholarships and grants as an attempt to fill classrooms. For a list of a few of the colleges that are doing this, click this link.

This really isn’t news in the overall scheme of things, because  in most cases, costs are still going up. This would make sense though, because if everyone is flooding into the most prestigious universities (or at least the better known ones) like Harvard and Duke, expenses are going to have to go up in order to keep up with the demand. With smaller colleges like Bluefield and Columbia, they can afford the lower tuition because the demand isn’t as high. Plus, if the class sizes are smaller, wouldn’t that make learning easier? Not that I’m trying to talk you into enrolling into one of these colleges or universities, because you may still want to research them before making any decisions, but it is good to know that there are options available.