College Jobs That Look Great on Your Resume

You could pick up just about any job that you want to, but some jobs are more valuable than others. Some provide certain skills that employers take notice of and can really help you get started in a career. U.S. News lists a few jobs that can provide these skills, and help elevate success in your career. You’ll first start off at your campus’ career services:

Social Media Coordinator

If you do happen to work in a Mom & Pop Diner, this may come to your advantage. If you’re computer savvy and are familiar with Twitter and Facebook, you could convince your employer to pay you to run their social media pages. Add this to your resume and you’ve already got a gold star from any company looking for someone with experience in marketing.

Campus Brand Ambassador

How you go about this is put in a request to market a company’s product. If approved, they’ll send you shirts and other accessories to where and tweet about their product. In other words, you become a walking advertising. The good thing about this is that not only do you get inside information about their products, but it also opens a door into their company.

Help Desk Staffer /Computer Salesperson

This one’s for computer technicians. The first job you’ll want to look for is one in the campus’ computer store since students come in daily to purchase new devices or to bring in their computers for repair. Not only will you gain experience on fixing computers, but you’ll also get a better understanding as to how to pitch the,m, which is a huge plus for you since that’s what many companies are looking for.

Office of Institutional Research Assistant

A long and complicated title for a data collector. You survey students, collecting and analyzing data to form a consensus of the population and come to a conclusion about the topic you’re researching. A very valuable skill that many businesses are looking for.

Career Center Staffer

This helps build on skills that just about every employer looks for, such as customer service and working in a professional environment. It’s not the most exciting job, but it’s a start. Now of course you can get this kind of experience just about any job that’s out there, especially in the retail or food service (restaurant) industries, and probably get paid about the same too, so the choice is yours.

Group Exercise Teacher

This is also a good one overall since this a job that requires you to motivate others and guide them through a workout. This teaches you good leadership skills, which every employer looks for in managers.

Chief Executive of Your Own Startup

Got something that you enjoy doing? Whether it be making and selling homemade chairs or creating a blog as a showcase of your technical writing and research skills, you’ll have something to add to your resume that shows you have initiative and are passionate about the job you’re pursuing. You’ll want to get a paying job of course, to pay the bills an all, but at least you’re doing something on the side that is building to your career.