College Selection Checklist

As I’ve said before, finding the college that’s right for you can be very difficult. It’s like being on campus as a guy and trying to pick a girlfriend through a sea of woman that are dressed so scantily, it’s as though they’re saying to everyone “I’m available. Pick me, pick me, pick me!” And it’s very likely 99% of those women aren’t even worth the time anyway.

The same can be said for colleges. Fortunately, like with girls, there are ways to weed out the ones that either aren’t very good or wouldn’t suit you very well. Visiting their campus, doing research on costs and drop out rates, and interviewing students faculty are some great ways to start. If you want a more detailed checklist of things to do to acquire more information though, you can find one here, or by looking over the bullet list that I’ve provided below (Courtesy of the Jewish Voice):

  • Look through the course catalog
  • Interview college representatives, students, faculty, or alumni
  • Go to college fairs
  • Search through commercial guidebooks/internet resources (i.e. College Reality Check)
  • Visit the campus

Though what if it all comes down to just personal preference? Oftentimes, this decision can simply be made by just visiting the college. Whether it’s location, religious/political affiliation, athletics, academic reputation, or student activity (what they do), most of this can be best seen firsthand.