Creating a Cover Letter

So now that you have created a resume, you now need something to go with it that will introduce who you are before the employer begins looking over your qualifications. This ‘something’ will be your cover letter.

Like the resume, you will be starting off at the very top with your full name, street address, city and state and zip code, email address, and phone number. Except this time, you’ll be doing everything in a block format, much like a formal business letter, so everything will be left-aligned. Your full name will be in bold and be about twice the size of everything below it. The rest of your contact info should be fit in two lines.

Skip three lines, then briefly introduce yourself in maybe one or two sentences.

Skip another line, then explain in a short paragraph what you do and describe some of the skills that will likely be applicable to the job.

Skip yet another line, then explain what you plan to do for the company. This is very important, as this is a topic that comes up during the interview.

Skip one more line, then write a short closing statement that’s along the lines of “I look forward to working with the team at [insert company name here]”

Three more lines down, write “Sincerely,”

Skip a few more and then write your first and last name. The area between “Sincerely,” and your name is where your signature will be going. This makes it official. 😛

Once you’re done, you will sign the document in the space you’ve provided, staple it to your resume, and stick it in a folder. You’ll be using this folder for others that you will be creating as well as anything else that you may acquire during your expedition. Now you’re ready to head out.