Early College: An Alternative to Dual Enrollment

The  nice thing about dual enrollment is that it give you the opportunity to complete your A.A. or two years worth of college while still in high school. If taken at an accredited school, it can offer more than the Advanced Placement courses that high schools normally offer since not only are the courses taught by professors — as opposed to high school teachers — but it also gives you a small taste of the college environment.

Now of course, there’s still the argument of accreditation of community and state colleges, so students are typically bullied by schools, saying that Advanced Placement is a better option. So if you want to avoid this entirely, you could just enroll in an Early College High School instead. Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Early College High School Initiative allows students (directed more to the “underprivileged“) to attend high school while attaining college credits in the meantime.

Currently, there’s over 240 campuses in 28 states and the District of Columbia, so if you happen to live near one, you may want to check it out. But the again, if you’re already homeschooled, you’re probably going to just stick with dual enrollment anyway.