How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse While in College

Everyone should already know what to do in the event that the dead ever began to walk again: keep up your cardio, always shoot for the head, and if anyone ever gets bitten, be prepared to have to put them down. But in college, your resources will be limited. It’s very unlikely colleges will allow you to bring firearms or sharp objects on campus. And aside from any convenient stores or restaurants in the area, you’ll be very limited on food, unless you go hunting. So what should you do?

Keep Up Your Cardio

If you follow Rule #1, you shouldn’t have any problem running from a horde of zombies. Building up your cardio is always a good thing. It’s easy to lock yourself up in your dorm with all the supplies you’ve hoarded for many months and grow stagnant. A month goes by, you run out of supplies, and then what? After all those weeks of inactivity, the dead will be in better shape than you are. To keep ahead, you’ll need to find a lone zombie walking around. Get its attention, and run. For no other reason than just to run. Over time, you’ll become more hardened, both physically and mentally. Besides, knowing how to escape from a zombie is equally as important as knowing how to kill one.

Choose Your Weapon

Most likely, at the first sightings of Walkers, the national guard will have already been called in and the campus shut down, because everyone will already know what’s going on at this point. But in the event that classes are still in session, you may want to prepare yourself. Backpacks are good for packing supplies as they are for holding your textbooks. Slip a crowbar or a wrench in there for good measure, or really anything that’s blunt and has a lot of weight, and you’ll be good; something that can crack skulls, at least. Besides, guns are too loud, so you’re better off anyway with something that doesn’t draw too much attention. It would also be a good idea to leave something in your car as well, within arm’s reach, just in case if you have to ditch your vehicle at the last minute. I leave a lug wrench behind the passenger seat of my car for just an occasion.

Learn How to Hunt

In case if you haven’t already stocked up on canned foods and the sort, you’ll need acquire food. The first places to check would be the food court/cafeteria and any restaurants that are in the area; but then again, everyone else will likely be doing the same. If everything has been raided and cleaned out, your next bet would be learning how to hunt. But you’re on a college campus, and likely in the middle of a city, so what are you going to hunt? If you’re opposed to eating cats or dogs, that’s ok, because there’s another animal that colleges campuses are in no shortage of: squirrels. Find any open area with a low concentration of Walkers, lay down a few stale breadcrumbs and the furry-tailed rodents will come right to ya. Kill them and you’ve got yourself dinner.

Now everything I’ve mentioned above applies mainly to just surviving on your own. I could go into detail on how to survive in a group, but it won’t fall very far from the other scenarios that are out there on the interwebs.