Jobs to Look for On Campus

Many of the jobs that I’ve suggested in the past have normally been off-campus jobs, but there are jobs that you can get that don’t require you to leave school grounds. If you go visit, you can find yourself a list of the Best Part Time Jobs for College Students. Now many of these jobs normally apply to just graduate students or upperclassmen. Others require set skills such as a computer tech support or a studio production assistant. It doesn’t leave many options for freshmen, so if you’re just enrolling for your first time, you may want to check with your student services office for job opportunities. Here are some examples:

  • University Book Store Employee. This is a good one because many book stores offer employee discounts. Textbooks can be expensive, you know.
  • Library Monitor/Assistant.  Really, any position that you can land in the library would be fine.
  • Academic Department Assistant. This is a major specific job, so if you’re an English major, for example, then you’ll want to ask your English Department abut this one.
  • On-Campus Administration. You’ll be wearing a headset. You’ll be dealing with people. You’ll be on the phone. A lot.
  • Barista/Server. The example given on is a coffee server, but it doesn’t have to be restricted to just coffee. There should be plenty of restaurants on campus that you can apply for.
  • Fitness Center Employee. A lot of students go to the gym, so this is an area that would probably need the most help. Even if it’s just a janitorial position, you don’t want to pass that one up.

One thing to be aware of is that there are likely thousands of students already applying for these jobs, so there’s very limited openings available. It doesn’t hurt to try, but if nobody is hiring, you may want to try applying for a job off campus. It’s your best bet. I mean, Publix is always short on Deli Clerks, so your chances are always better there.