Next Step After College: Move Back in With Your Parents

This is how it normally ends. You get your four-year degree, you start searching around for a full-time job with a debt hanging over your head that reaches up into the tens of thousands, and you turn up with nothing. Now you must move in with your parents and get a minimum wage, part-time job just to pay off your loans. This is the story of many college graduates and undergrads, falling in line with the 36% of those who are left with no other choice than to get reacquainted with their family.

“So why should I go to college to begin with?” you ask. Good question. After the recession back in 2008, the job market has become much more competitive as there are fewer jobs available, especially to those just coming out of college. Employers far more concerned about experience than whether or not you have the basic qualifications to do the job, so without the experience to back it up, your degree may be rendered useless.

The first thing you should ask yourself before pursuing your degree is is your degree worth it? Calculate how much it will cost for you to obtain your degree and compare that to how much you expect to make in a lifetime in that career.

Next, look for internships. This takes precedence over anything you do in college because employers want to see that you’ve actually worked in that environment before. If you work diligently enough at it, you won’t find it to be too difficult to land a job. But even then, this isn’t exactly a surefire way of gaining employment in the career field you wish to work in.

If all else fails, start looking for low income jobs that require some of the skills that employers in your career field look for. Even if you have to take on two or three part-time jobs for a few years, your resume will look that much more attractive to begin working your way up from there. Will you have to move in with your parents? If you can’t find a few friends to move into an apartment with , then most likely, yes. Besides, you get the added benefit of having home-cooked meals– ┬áif your parents can cook, that is.