Obamacare Will Make College Health Insurance More Expensive

This should come to no surprise to anyone thats been keeping up with the news. Obamacare, by just the mention of it, has caused many changes already, probably more bad than good. Private insurance companies are having to meet up to new standards and many employers are being forced to provide their employees with health insurance. But to top that all off, colleges will be affected to.

Many colleges already provide students health insurance to those that don’t any, at a price of course. College insurance plans haven’t been all that great in the past, but they were relatively cheap and gave you quick access to the campus’ health center. But because of the pressure that Obamacare is putting on colleges to improve their coverage, it’s likely you’ll be paying close to $2,000 for health coverage.

So what does this mean? Unless if you want to pay the government for its socialized healthcare, college is going to get much more expensive.