RadioShack Moving Into Bookstores

In case if you haven’t realized by now, universities love money- or more specifically, your money. College campuses are designed to make it convenient for students to spend money on things other than books and school supplies. They offer you a variety restaurants to choose from aside from the campus’ cafeteria. Many campuses contain a Barnes & Noble (just makes you want to buy a Nook, doesn’t it?) and usually have a Starbucks inside of that. Not only that, but if you’re a gaming enthusiast, you may find it difficult not to drop by Gamestop before your next class.

In an effort to extend their brand, Radioshack has jumped onto the college train to sell more stuff that students probably don’t need. The first location is the University Co-op, which is the bookstore of choice for many UT students. It makes sense from a business perspective to sell eReaders , headphones, and cappuccinos all in a bookstore and jack up the prices just because it’s convenient; but just like everything you find on campus, it’s all just a means of taking advantage of students. I believe if you walk into a bookstore, you’re there to buy books. Nothing else. You’re not there to buy a new computer, tablet, or speakers, so you’re better off pretending that they don’t exist.