Some Majors to Choose From

The Wall Street Journal compiled a list of the highest paid college majors, as well as their starting salaries, which you’ll find in both the link that I’ve provided and in this post. Now when I normally suggest a good choice of major, it’s usually whatever it is that interests you. Many, though, are more interested in finding a degree that will lead to a high paying job. It would make sense, and if your area of interest happens to pay well, then that’s great!  I took the major-in-something-that-offers-amazing-job-security approach myself, enrolling at the University of Central Florida to get a Bachelor’s in Information Technology; after a semester, I hated it. Want to try it yourself? Then go for it.

The Top 10 Majors: 

1.      Petroleum Engineering

Starting Salary:$93,500

2.      Computer Engineering

Starting Salary:$71,700

3.      Chemical Engineering

Starting Salary:$67,600

4.     Computer Science

Starting Salary:$64,800

5.     Aerospace/Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering

Starting Salary:$64,400

6.     Mechanical Engineering

Starting Salary:$64,000

7.     Electrical/Electronics and Communications Engineering

Starting Salary:$63,400

8.     Management Information Systems/Business

Starting Salary:$63,100

9.     Engineering Technology

Starting Salary:$62,200

10.    Finance

Starting Salary:$57,400

So if you were to boil down this list, you would come up with three career paths: computers, business,  and engineering. If any of these three fall under your areas of interests and you enjoy learning about them and putting them into practice, then without a doubt, you should pursue them. If not, you may want to take a moment to reconsider. I mean, is it really worth the 6 figures if you’ll be spending the rest of your life doing something you have little love for?