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The Homeschooler’s Guide to College

It’s Monday, which I believe to be a good time to post up a random video from the intertubes…interwebs… YouTube… Nevermind. I happen to find it very convenient that Blimey Cow would post up a video that has to do with the purpose of this blog, so instead of posting something thoughtful or meaninful, I’m […]

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Seven Lies About Homeschoolers

Ok, so some people may hit me over the head for this (maybe even you, possibly), but I can take it. Ok, so it’s a little cheesy. Besides, I don’t think a little cheese in our diet will hurt. Anyway, watch, enjoy, and even comment if you want.

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The Social Issue

Possibly the biggest stereotype about homeschoolers is that they’re socially awkward. Because if you’re ‘home’ schooled, that means that you spend the majority of your time at home with little to no social interaction with the outside world. That, or you have a small selection of friends who also happen to be homeschoolers. Now this […]

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