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A More Responsible You

So you’re heading off to college. You have newfound independence that you’ve never experienced in the first 17 years of your life. And you’re not married either, so you don’t have to confide in anyone for every decision that you decide to make. You have the freedom to do what you want, whenever you want. […]

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Why is Studying Important?

As a public schooler, you may have had your teachers tell you to take notes while they gave their teachings, or at least during a video to refer back to later. As a homeschooler, you may have never been exposed to this at all, but that certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start now. During high […]

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Keeping Your Stuff Together

When you’re taking four or five college courses, not only do your textbooks make it feel as though your backpack is filled with brick, but the innards look as though a bunch of little gnomes managed to wiggle themselves inside to throw a party of epic proportions. As a homeschooler, there’s a good chance that […]

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