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Searching For Scholarships

Fighting college expenses may be an impossible task for those unable to obtain the scholarship or grant money needed to pay for college. CNN Money gives some advice in this area, making the scholarship search a little easier. Search Scholarship Websites Sites like Cappex, Fastweb, Zinch, and are great places to start. Some of […]

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Department of Education: Tips for Rising High School Seniors

If you plan on going to college, you need to have, well, a plan. You need to do your research and narrow down the choices that are available to you. The Department of Education believes that it’s imperative that you find some form of learning beyond high school, and while I don’t necessarily deal in […]

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Applying For Scholarships and Grants

This is one of those things that you end up spending a lot of your time in your senior year of high school applying for. Most, if not all, of the scholarships and grants that are out there are time sensitive, so you must complete your application by a given deadline. If you’re lucky, you […]

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