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Getting The Most Out of Your Textbook

When factoring in the costs of going to college, many students tend to overlook one thing: textbooks. Sure, tuition, room and board, and campus fees are pretty expensive on their own, but textbooks come close. The average college student spends about $900 per year on textbooks and the average cost of one comes out to […]

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Free Textbooks?

In the past decade, the cost of college textbooks has risen by 82%. On average, students spend about $1,200 on textbooks each year. Now paper doesn’t cost that much, and writers aren’t paid that well, so the government is doing something to fix this. Currently, a bill is going through Congress to help solve the […]

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Why Do Textbooks Cost So Much?

Tuition isn’t the only thing you have to worry about when it comes to college expenses. On average, students spend about $900 a year on textbooks, and that was an estimate made nearly 10 years ago. In the past 15 years, costs for college textbooks have increased by 142%, ballooning past the  44% increase of […]

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