The Best College to Attend For Your Major

So you know what you want to major in, but what’s the best college to go to? There’s plenty of good colleges – and pricey at that – but which one is best for your getting your degree? Money Watch provides their picks of the best college for every major:

English: George Mason University. Literature, technical writing, or journalism – this college would be a good choice for you.

Computer Science: University of California, Berkeley. Also a good place to get your English degree.

Engineering: Harvey Mudd College. Specializes in mathematics, science, and engineering.

Business: University of Notre Dame. Probably better known for football, Notre Dame is also the ideal choice if you plan on pursuing a career in marketing and management.

Liberal Arts: Excelsior College. The name sounds like a bad joke, but if you’re into music, drama, or any form of performing arts, this would be the college for you.

Now these choices are based on median salaries grads from these colleges obtain in comparison to others, not on overall college rankings. You may have noticed that there was no mention of medical or natural science degrees. If you’re at all familiar Shands Hospital, it’s often the place doctors send people to when they have no idea what else to do, which dwells within the swamps of Florida University- an obvious choice for those seeking a medical degree. If you want a more extensive list, you make want to explore U.S. New’s World’s Best Universities of 2012.