Why is Studying Important?

As a public schooler, you may have had your teachers tell you to take notes while they gave their teachings, or at least during a video to refer back to later. As a homeschooler, you may have never been exposed to this at all, but that certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start now.

During high school, or within that relative school level, it’s important to practice college study skills, and the best place to start is of course by notetaking. It lays the basic groundwork everything you need to know for your class. What you’ll be doing with those notes will be using them to study for your professor’s tests. Any wise college student would know that if you don’t study for your tests, your chances of passing your classes are very little. So where do you start?

  • Become Familiar With the Reading Material. Find the subject that your professor is going over and read it. It’s probably best to do this BEFORE your professor goes over this in class as it will help you take better notes, but it must be done either way in order to become more familiar with the subject.
  • Create a Study Guide. This ultimately becomes a compilation of notes you’ve taken in class and notes you’ve taken out of your book. Whether it be highlighting certain sections and sorting them out in a binder or putting it all into a word processing document, it’ll help keep you organized and to know what to study.
  • Practice. This all depends on what class you’re taking, but it’s important to practice problems on your own. Work out of the book any problems they give you or create flashcards for any definitions or formulas that need memorizing.

Especially when you begin taking higher level courses, good studying skills become crucial in successfully completing your courses. While it may seem pointless in high school, it’s important when you’re in college. The sooner you learn, the better.