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Colleges May Penalize You Over Preference On Financial Aid

As you’re filling out your FAFSA, you’ll eventually come to the part where you have to list the colleges that you plan to attend to, or which ones you want to attend to. Little did you know that your listing is shared, meaning that colleges can see how you rank them among other colleges. So […]

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And Yet, College Costs Still Continue to Rise

Today, I present to you news that every media outlet is talking about: college tuition rates are still rising…but not quite as much. This comes from the College Board’s annual report on college prices, spreading optimism to everyone that that you won’t have to pay┬áthat much more in comparison to last year’s increase. College ┬áprices […]

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The Problem With Financial Aid

College costs have been on the rise, there’s no doubt about that. In fact, in the past 30 years, its gone up by 538%, to be exact. An article on The Motley Fool explains why these costs are going up, saying that the problem is something that we all rely on when we go through […]

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