What Are Colleges Looking For?

Last week, the Huffington Post televised an interview with high school seniors and college students¬†about what it takes to get into college. It’s around 15-20 minutes long and it has been embedded below for your convenience.

So what can you take from this? Colleges aren’t looking for extraordinary academic skills or if you’re involved in every activity imaginable. The fact of the matter is, you don’t have to get straight A’s and get perfect SAT scores to get into your dream college. This can be a relief for homeschoolers, because what schools look for are what your passions are and if you excel them and not so mush as to what your academic skills are.

In short: be yourself. What is it that you love to do? Sports? Music? Engineering? Just like with finding a job, as long as you can show the admissions officer reviewing your college resume proof of what you’ve done¬†with your passion and where you’ve gone with it, you have a better chance of getting accepted into that college than the one with perfect academic skills that just shows them an aimless laundry list of everything they’ve done.

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