25 Things You Can Do While at a Red Light

Red lights are a pain. Especially in metropolitan areas where there’s a lot of traffic and the lights have you waiting for a good three minutes. You’ve got things to do, places to be. Tests to study for, even. There just simply isn’t enough time in the day to spend it waiting at read lights. I mean, what could you possibly do during those precious moments so that they don’t go to waste?

If you’re a student who commutes back and forth to school, or if you’re a student that works off campus, you deal with this nonsense on a daily basis. There’s no way to get around it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sit at that light, twiddling your thumbs until it turns green. You can take advantage of that time to either get stuff done or even harass those around you, if you so please. But do what exactly? Here, I give to you twenty-five things you can do while waiting at a red light ( not all at once, of course):

  1. Read a book. Any book.
  2. Write a paper.
  3. Do homework.
  4. Study out of your textbook.
  5. Eat a sandwich. This will of course require that you bring a sandwich with you.
  6. Pop open your trunk. Best done when someone honks their horn at you the MOMENT the light turns green.
  7. Send a text to a random friend on your contact list saying “I’m at a red light.”
  8. Solve a crossword puzzle.
  9. Call someone at random and tell them that you’re at a red light.
  10. Update your Facebook status telling everyone that you’re at a red light.
  11. Or Tweet about it. You twit.
  12. Roll down your windows and star laughing manically and note any strange looks you may get.
  13. Dance! More fun when you have passengers.
  14. Take a nap. Don’t worry, the driver behind you will let you know when the light turns green.
  15. Call your parents and them you love them. This may draw some concern, though.
  16. Stare at the driver next to you, and when they return eye contact, squint your eyes as though you think they’re suspicious.
  17. Solve a rubix cube. If you already know how to, keep multiple on hand for every red light you stop at.
  18. Bang your head on the steering wheel; this is typically what people do when they’re angry and are tired of waiting at red lights.
  19. Roll down your window and spray the car next to you with a squirt gun.
  20. Try to figure out a way to solve world hunger. “But that’s impossible”, you say, “There’s too many selfish people in the world!” That’s human nature for ya. Good luck on that one.
  21. Rev your engine and act as though you want to race the person next to you. If they accept, honk your horn at them when the light turns green and sit there for a couple of seconds, giving them a thumbs up if they fell for your shenanigans.
  22. Turn on your emergency blinkers, get out of your car and act as though your car just stopped working. When the light turns green, get in your car and g0.
  23. Get out of your car, have the guy next to you roll down their window. Casually lean inside, and ask them “So, what do you think of these red lights?”
  24. Keep a sign in your car that reads “HELP! MY CAR IS POSESSED AND I’M TRAPPED INSIDE! Also, it may go into reverse and run into you…” Jump into your back seat and hold it up in the rear window for the person behind you to see.
  25. Write a list of 25 things you can do while at a red light.