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Why Are College Graduates More Disengaged At Work Than Others?

According to a recent Gallup poll, College-Educated Americans are less engaged in their jobs than ones with a high school diploma or less, showing that 48.2% of the latter were not engaged, as compared to the 55% of college graduates that are disengaged. This survey was taken from more than 150,000 American adults last year, […]

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The Social Issue

Possibly the biggest stereotype about homeschoolers is that they’re socially awkward. Because if you’re ‘home’ schooled, that means that you spend the majority of your time at home with little to no social interaction with the outside world. That, or you have a small selection of friends who also happen to be homeschoolers. Now this […]

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Avoiding Financial Mistakes in College

Now I certainly hope your mother taught you how to be financially responsible. Because if she did, a few of these points should be common sense. On MSN Money is listed the 5 most common financial blunders college students make, so what can be done to avoid making some of these mistakes? Avoid using credit cards. They’re great […]

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