10 College Myths

Numerous times, I have pointed out mistakes students make when going to college. Oftentimes, these mistakes mostly have to do with an error in beliefs, which usually come from the media and our public institutions leading students to believe that colleges are our nation’s beacon of hope. Now I believe that education is important and it’s absolutely valuable in the growth of our country, but I also believe that how you pursue it should be done with caution because it could end up costing you more than it’s really worth.

So what about those college myths? Below, I have embedded an infographic that debunks 10 of the biggest myths about college experience. As a disclaimer though: this is by no means an official endorsement of the book mentioned below or its author, nor am I receiving payment of any kind for its advertisement. So I’m not telling you to go buy something, I’m just simply trying to share a little tidbit of info. What I really want you to gain from this is that the decision to go to college should be an informed one: know why you’re going and what you’re going to come out with.