26 Bizarre College Classes

Flipping through your college’s course catalog, you may have seen one or two classes in there that may have made you scratch your head. Whether if it’s about how to survive a nuclear holocaust or an in-depth study of the psychology of the latest television series, you might have seen it in there somewhere. These are courses that generally serve no other purpose than to incite philosophical discussion and use up any credit hours you may have left over.

But whatever you may have seen, or heard, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to top some of the more unusual course you may get the opportunity to take in other colleges across the country. Whether it be “South Park and Contemporary Social Issues” at McDaniel College, “Welcome to the Whedonverse: Exploring Popular Culture Through the Works of Joss Whedon” at West Virginia University, or even ¬†“The Joy of Garbage” at Santa Clara University, it’s ¬†unlikely you’ll be walking out of there feeling like you got your full money’s worth.