Employers Don’t Think a Degree is Enough

Many of us have a very high opinion of ourselves. We think we have what it takes to do anything and everything. Just look at a survey that was done where 80% of college students say they’re prepared for the workforce when only 54% of hiring managers who’ve  interviewed recent graduate would agree.

Now having confidence in your abilities isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as that’s a characteristic that managers like in their employees, but a college degree alone isn’t enough to be successful at your job. Employers are looking for soft skills such as teamwork, organization, and communication skills, as well as analytical thinking. And employers are now using standardized tests like the GRE and CLA to test job candidates, making your GPA irrelevant in many cases.

So is a 4-years degree even necessary anymore? Depending on the career field you plan on going into, it may not even be worth it. For some, a bachelor’s or a master’s may be needed, but for many, an associates at a community college would suffice. Employers nowadays have been weighing less importance on whether a candidate has a degree, being more concerned about whether that individual has the expertise and professionalism to work in that environment