In Case You Ever Wanted to Work Past the Age of 65

So according to an analysis done by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research,┬ábased on data collected by the Census Bureau, the average man with a Bachelor’s degree earns $28 an hour and a woman with the same degree earns $21 on average. But go on past the age of 70, that man and woman could earn 31% and 21% more, respectively. That’s a pretty old working couple right there.

Now I understand that the statistics show that people with college degrees make more than one with only a high school diplomas. But with ignoring the fact that a college degree doesn’t even guarantee a high-paying job, why would you get a degree so that you could make more money past retirement age? Isn’t the point of getting a degree so that you could retire?

Don’t get me wrong, I still may be working myself up until the day I die, even if it’s only a couple days out of the week. But that’d be just for the sake of working and saving a little extra for the family. Not to make money for the sake of making money.

I don’t quite understand this concept of amassing as much money as possible. I mean, what for? What are you going to do with it? Give it to your children so they could waste it all on trivial pursuits? Now I certainly hope you’ll teach your kids better than that, but what they take from you and how they apply it will all depend on you being an example to them.