Jobs You Don’t Need A Degree For

If you’re on this site, you’re most likely here with the intentions of going to college or, if you’re already in college, learning how to survive the next four years. Some of you, on the other hand, aren’t sure. There are many trades out there, ranging from automotive repair to web development, that don’t require that you have a degree, so here are some to choose from.

1. Administrative/executive assistant

Also known as a secretary.
Median salary: $34,660.

2. Automobile body repairer

Whenever you wreck your car, it eventually ends up in the hands of these guys. Usually, you receive an invoice so expensive that you end up just totaling the car anyway.
Median salary: $34,660.

3. Bookkeeper 

Another name for an accountant.
Median salary: $34,040.

4. Communications equipment mechanic 

So if you’re a dishonest business owner and want to screw with your competition, you can hire one of these guys to sabotage their servers….or to fix your phone lines.
Median salary: $54,710.

5. Electrician 

Were once called magicians back in the day…wait, never mind, they still are.
Median salary: $48,250.

6. Glazier

If you can see outside without having to lift your lazy butt off the couch, you can thank your glazier for this.

Median salary: $36,640.

7. Hair stylist

Also known as a cosmetologist. Not to be confused with cosmologists; those guys are a little ‘out there’.
Median salary: $22,500.

8. Industrial machine repairer

Your wrench will become your best friend. I’m sure of it.
Median salary: $44,160.

9. Paralegal assistant

A fancy name for a lawyer’s secretary. The difference between these guys and normal secretaries is about 10 grand.
Median Salary: $46,680.

10. Pest control worker

You could then call yourself the Bug Man, coming to the rescue of old ladies and people with phobias of anything with more than 3 legs.
Median salary: $30,340.

11. Plumber

Sometimes comes with the job of saving princesses from over-sized reptile kings.
Median salary: $46,660.

12. Receptionist

Quite possibly the least respected job on this list. Who has to deal with all the stupid people on both sides of the desk? These people do.

Median salary: $25,240.

13. Skincare specialist

Does anything a cosmetologists doesn’t do.
Median salary: $28,920.

14. Web developer

If you’re any good at this, you’ve obviously had way too much free time as a kid.
Median salary: $75,660.

Now as you can probably see, many of these are skilled trades, so you already should have experience in these trades before applying for them. If you actually enjoy doing any of these kinds of jobs, you may even want to take your career further. Even as a secretary, you can learn a lot about the trade you’re in and climb your way up the ladder. It wouldn’t hurt to go to a community college and get an Associate’s or even pick up a business degree while you’re at it. That way, you could start your own company and build up from there.