Sex, Drugs, and the College Life

The use of drugs on college campuses isn’t an entirely uncommon sight. In fact, depending where you go to college you may actually find it quite often. Look up a list of the top party colleges in the nation and it’s very likely that if your college is among that list, you’ll be seeing a lot of it.

Partying, drinking, casual sex, and smoking the occasional joint, has become the staple of the college life for many students. You’re finally away from home for the first time and have nobody hanging over, telling you what you can and can’t do. Just pick up a fake ID and you can buy all the alcohol you want. Live life to its fullest because, I mean, you only live once.

But for me personally, I never quite understood why anyone would want to wake up in the morning feeling like they’re just had their head kicked in. I’ve also been the one who would rather be in full control of all his faculties, so the idea of having my head spinning around on some crazy carousel ride of hell has never really appealed to me either. Neither is having sex with woman I hardly even know. Besides, is getting stoned and drunk out of your mind really that fun?

I could put up all kinds of numbers and statistics, showing you why doing drugs and having uncommitted sex is a waste of your, health, your time, your money, and your potential, but I’m sure you’re already aware of all of that, whether you do all that stuff or not. Everyone is told not to do it all though grade school, but yet people do it anyway. Why? Is it because people think it’s cool? I don’t think that’s the problem. The problem, I believe, is a lack of purpose.

When schools tell kids to go to college, they give a bunch a reasons why, but they give no direction. They’re not told what to expect when they get there and what it is that they should do when they finish. The same can be said when schools attempt to tackle subjects like drugs and sex. They give all kinds of reasons why not to do it, or how to protect oneself against it, but give no real substitute as to what you could do instead.

What you get now is a bunch of college students with no real aspirations in life, doing exactly what they were told to do their entire life: go to college. If you had nothing else to look forward to in life, then why wouldn’t you do drugs? Why wouldn’t you want to spend nights partying, getting plastered, and having one-night stands with whomever you please? Without giving students a purpose in life, schools really can’t steer kids away from doing drugs or any other kind of destructive behavior later on in life.

A lot of brilliant young minds turn to making reckless health and life choices further down the road because of the simple fact that they’re bored. They find no real meaning in what they do, so they turn to whatever they can find to escape from the daily grind. So then, how would one fix this apparent lack of ambition found among this generation of adolescents and young adults?

It’s obvious enough that the promise of a better job and better pay isn’t enough to satisfy everyone’s desire to achieve the goals and standards set by our society. ┬áTo any normal, thinking individual, such milestones would reveal themselves to be rather empty in their promise as there’s no real fulfillment in them. Not without a purpose, there isn’t.

So how would one find their purpose? That’s a difficult question that even I have a difficult time answering. It’s not that I don’t have an answer, but I’d imagine it would be difficult to take it from some random blogger that you need to get right with Christ and allow Him to guide your life. There are other ways that some may find fulfillment in life, but I can assure you from my experience, and from the experience of others, that One is better than all the rest.