Student Speaks Out Against the Common Core

You probably haven’t heard me say very much of what’s bad about the Common Core. That is because on the surface, it’s a fairly good idea. It creates an outline for education that mostly every state has adopted, which would make the learning criteria virtually identical across the board. It was open to input from teachers and the general public as a whole– from what they say on their website— allowing for an overall inclusive design of its structure.

But there’s more beneath all of that. What the Common Core does is give our education system over into the hands of the federal government. While the government does have some degree of control over the system, there’s still some freedom given on the state and local levels of government on how their schools should be run. What the Common Core is is essentially the Obamacare of education. And as we can see from the government’s ability to implement Obamacare, they’re obviously incapable of managing our healthcare system, much less our education system.

You must then ask yourself: is this something we really need? What the Common Core really boils down to is a system geared towards generating higher numbers and better results. The current focus of our education system is to prepare students academically for college, and this doesn’t change with the Common Core. So have we lost sight of what learning really is? Have we gotten so focused on performance that we’ve forgotten to allow  teachers to teach and students to think? This appears to be so.