Saving Money on College

When you’re in college, you have the freedom to spend as much money as you want, whenever you want, ¬†wherever you want. It’s important to learn a little self control in this area and manage your money. That means no going to Starbucks and buying Frappuccino’s for yourself ever day. U.S. News posted up an article saying that for many students, college was the first time they had control over their own money, which is scary, because many college students should have already been given some responsibility before leaving the nest. Also, they quoted a survey in their article saying that sixty-one percent of students found college to be more expensive than they anticipated. Go figure. This is probably because students only factor in tuition costs, since that’s the only figure colleges advertise, and even parents are caught off guard by this.

The article gives advice, by students (located in the Facebook and Twitter posts linked at the end of the article), on ways to save money on college, such finding cheaper means of eating food and selling your textbooks as soon as your finished with them for the semester. Though if you want to take the smarter option and save more, you can opt out of a university and instead get your 2-year at a community college, or take it online, or both. In fact, you can even get your bachelor’s or master’s online, so you can avoid the campus altogether.