What Employers Think About Your Major

The Wall Street Journal suggests that your college major is a minor issue, saying that employers are looking for more than just a degree stapled to your resume. According to a survey that was given to 318 companies, many employers are looking for new graduates who have good communication and  problem-solving skills, not just someone who has a piece of paper that says they’re qualified.

The mistake many students make when going through college is that they do very little to build on these skills. How do you build on these skills? Simple: you get a job. There’s no easier way to learn how to communicate with people than learning to communicate with your co-workers, because you really have no other choice. And the more work experience you have, the less you have to rely on your manager for everything Another way also is to seek internships, which will give you exposure to the career field that you’re majoring for. You get college credits for these too; maybe not much, but they are very valuable outside of college.

Another thing the article suggests is to build an online portfolio. Basically, this would be a listing of examples of work or projects you’ve done pertaining to your career field, including any internships you may have picked up. You may have to hire a web developer for this, but for what it’s worth, you will now have proof that you have the skills necessary for the job.